Triple Gold FreeRounds

Triple Gold FreeRounds
Get the chance to win up to 6,20000000 BTC on every deposit with the CoinDragon exclusive Triple Gold FreeRounds. EVERY DEPOSIT!

Don’t you love when an amazing offer becomes 3x better ? We know you are slowly getting used to our unique and generous promotions, but we assume you didn’t see this one coming!

The Gold FreeRounds you all enjoyed so much are now giving you more chances to win!

Check out the rules below:

How many Triple Gold FreeRounds you get depends on how much you deposit.
You will receive 10 Triple Gold FreeRounds for deposits between
0,00050000 - 0,00249999 BTC
0,02000000 - 0,99999999 BCH
0,07000000 - 0,32999999 DASH
1 700,00000000 - 8 499,99999999 DOGE
0,09500000 - 0,47999999 LTC
You will receive 70 Triple Gold FreeRounds for deposits
0,00250000 BTC or above
0,10000000 BCH or above
0,33000000 DASH or above
8 500,00000000 DOGE or above
0,48000000 LTC or above
Each Triple Gold FreeRound is a round on X-Factor for a stake of 0,00000010 BTC and a multiplier of 5.

Each Triple Gold FreeRound also gives a win on results x8888.## and x88888.## and x888888.## (including any and all decimals)!

That means that 10 Triple Gold FreeRounds potentially gives a win up to 0,88000000 BTC and 70 Triple Gold FreeRound potentially result in a win up to 6,20000000 BTC !

If you are not familiar with the term Triple Gold FreeRounds, or FreeRounds in general, let’s see the Evolution of FreeRounds at CoinDragon :

CoinDragon created a UNIQUE feature that is available ONLY at CoinDragon!
FreeRounds are giving you the option to play for FREE, but earn real money!
Gold FreeRounds were the first upgrade of the ”regular” FreeRounds and gave you the option to win up to 6,20000000 BTC by having a result of x888.888.## in X-Factor.
Triple Gold FreeRounds are even a better offer! You have more chances to win, since there are not only x5 wins, but also x8888.##, x88.888.## and x888.888.## results that will credit the profit on your balance!
The game settings are predetermined for this promotion, so all you have to do is press "Roll" and keep your fingers crossed for any of those lucky 8's, x8888 or x88888 or x888888 number!

All the Triple Gold FreeRounds are in BTC, and will be credited in BTC, no matter what currency you deposit.

Good luck!

This campaign is running up until the 30th of September 2020